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Pixel: Prototype of Landing Page

Learn how to create selling landing page websites by yourself

Template for creating landing page

Selection of 10 website builders

Selection of 26 examples of effective single-page sites

The result during the study:

A ready-made prototype of a landing page website with a well-thought-out structure, prescribed texts and selected images
All the necessary materials and examples of questions
and possible answers to them
A plan for further actions to optimize the site and generate applications

This Pixel must be passed if..

Your product can be sold over the Internet

Your product has a lot of advantages that are difficult to convey to the customer in one phrase

You will be able to develop and improve your website step by step

Additional materials used in training..

Templates for the first and last landing page screen

Landing page intermediate screen templates

The checklist for checking the landing page for receiving traffic

Unique Pixel Technology

adaptive materials for quick development of practical skills in various fields
in the format of simple instructions in manual book

Pixel - is a low-content informative and simple manual book on a special technique that you get with a specific result in your hands, as well as new skills


Valuable result that you will leave with


A convenient format
for studying Pixels


Valuable new skill for your life


Simple instructions that always help you

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