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Pixel: Selling Offers

Learn how to write selling offers without copywriters

Template with formulas for creating selling offers

Selection of 100 effective selling offers

Selection of 65 lead magnets

The result during the study:

The offer, descriptor and Call-to-Action are spelled out
The offer options closing the objections are ready
The offer is based on the formula

This Pixel must be passed if..

You need to formulate a strong offer — a reason to buy

Do you have a website or landing page and you want more applications

You will be able to apply the "offers" in various fields of activity

Unique Pixel Technology

adaptive materials for quick development of practical skills in various fields
in the format of simple instructions in manual book

Pixel - is a low-content informative and simple manual book on a special technique that you get with a specific result in your hands, as well as new skills


Valuable result that you will leave with


A convenient format
for studying Pixels


Valuable new skill for your life


Simple instructions that always help you

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