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Find your business / analyze your current business

Uncover the meanings of your business to get them to the target audience as accurately as possible

117 questions about your business

Search for competitive advantages

26 questions to determine your target audience

The result during the study:

The missing components that need to be implemented in the business have been identified
All the necessary materials for a detailed understanding of your business
Key actions have been identified and prioritized

This Pixel must be passed if..

There is a feeling of suboptimality of development. We need to adjust the strategy

There are doubts about the profitability of the business or direction

Do you want to be trained in Pixels, but you don't know where to start

Unique Pixel Technology

adaptive materials for quick development of practical skills in various fields
in the format of simple instructions in manual book

Pixel - is a low-content informative and simple manual book on a special technique that you get with a specific result in your hands, as well as new skills


Valuable result that you will leave with


A convenient format
for studying Pixels


Valuable new skill for your life


Simple instructions that always help you

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